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Vespani Ice Roller

Vespani Ice Roller

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 The Original Facial Ice Roller.

Voted the #1 new skincare product of 2021, our ice roller is perfect for reducing inflammation and increasing overall skin health. It's easier than ever to add your own natural ingredients for a variety of different skin types.
Rejuvenate your face naturally with a combination of ice, cucumbers, and essential oils

Add Citrus or Essential Oils

The opportunities are endless with our Ice Rollers. Try out a new mix with lemons, cucumbers, or Aloe.

Tighten your Pores

Minimize larger pores and decrease acne across your skin. It can also help get rid of acne scars and get rid of active acne overnight. 

Brighten Complexion

Increase circulation and rejuvenate your skin's natural glow! Get the glowing skin you have always wanted.

Reduce Inflammation 

Constricts blood vessels and minimizes redness on your face. It reduces all skin inflammation within 10 minutes of applying. Perfect to get rid of any morning puffiness. 


Does it Help Puffiness?

Our Ice roller is built to reduce facial inflammation and contour your face naturally! It's perfect for minimizing puffiness.

Important Notice for EU and UK Orders

As of July 1st 2021, all orders shipped to the EU and UK will be subject to a VAT tax upon delivery. This tax will vary by country, with the average being 20%. 

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