Vespani Extreme Comfort Cloud Sandles

$34.95 $71.95

Start walking on clouds with our Extreme Comfort Slippers. The #1 best selling slides of 2021 feature premium, shock-absorption technology, protecting your foot and ankle. Built with indestructible recycled materials, our slippers will last a lifetime. We Guarantee you'll feel like you're walking on air!

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Perfect for Rest and Recovery.

Patented Comfort Technology

Our therapeutic soles use a patented technology to absorb impact and cushion your feet. Walk effortlessly over uneven and uncomfortable terrain. 

Soothe Aching Joints

Our Extreme Comfort Slippers are designed to be as ergonomic for your joints as possible. Our flexible soles are designed to balance pressure from your hip to your foot, bringing instant relief from pain.

Support Flat Arches

Failing or flat arches are an extremely common, yet painful problem for many people. Our slippers are built to support your arches with a flexible 1.5 inch sole for your foot. 
Will They Fit Wide Feet?

Our Our Slippers were designed specifically for all foot shapes and sizes. The extra room built into each pair ensures comfort for wide and swollen feet.

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